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Subsequent services

If the application and passport photos were sent digitally or physically as requested, they will be archived and definitely deleted later for data protection reasons. If a customer subsequently requests an additional service (for example, resending the photos digitally because they have not been saved or have been lost; renewed printing and sending of the passport photos; digital sending of passport photos because they were only physically obtained on the date of the appointment; renewed selection of the photos and subsequent processing and sending), we will incur additional costs which we will have to invoice. (Sending a passport photo again afterwards means an expenditure of more than 10min for us. This is the effort we have approximately for the passport photo appointment). If you wish a subsequent service, we ask you to transfer the corresponding amount via Twint to 076 504 30 61 and send us the payment confirmation. The following table should help you to transfer the appropriate amount:


Subsequent/Subsequent sending of passport or application photo by mail: CHF 15

Subsequently send passport or application photo by mail or pick up in studio: CHF 20

Subsequent re-selection of the photos taken (from home): CHF 20

Re-processing of photo, per photo: CHF 10


After receipt of payment, the work is normally carried out within 24h.

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