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Wedding photographer from Zurich

"Your wedding - a day full of emotions, strong feelings and solemn moments. I have made it my mission and passion to capture these special moments. Honest, authentic and fully involved - that's what I stand for as a wedding photographer."_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Laurence Müller - wedding photographer Zurich

Our wedding offer

Thanks to our wedding photographer team, we can accompany you at your wedding as a full-service provider and capture the day in the form of wedding photos and/or a wedding video. In addition, we rent a photo box, which we use in combination with a wedding photo/wedding video  at a reduced price.


What distinguishes us:

  • We are there with joy and commitment, because we are passionate about photography

  • friendly, uncomplicated and well-rehearsed team

  • years of experience in wedding photography

  • High customer orientation and customer satisfaction(see google)

  • great value for money

  • if you book multiple wedding services you will have more time and energy for other things as we act as a full service provider

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Portfolio wedding photos

Wedding photographer Zurich

Wedding photographer Zurich

Your wedding day, a day full of emotional moments. Moments that should be remembered. We accompany you on this special day with an eye on the small moments, the special emotions, the tiny details and above all the moment of the moment. We shoot photos of the preparations in the morning, the wedding ceremony, the couple shoot, the speeches, the wedding dance and of course the party. 


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Hochzeitsfotograf Zürich Fotoman

A wedding video is watched over and over again over time. Because you want to feel them again - the emotions of the wedding day, the nervousness, the joy. You want to see them – your partner's gestures, the tears of joy from family and friends. You want to hear them – the words of the vows, the congratulations and speeches, the cheers and clapping hands, you want to feel that tingling in your stomach again. A wedding video is everlasting and unforgettable because it brings back the unique day. A day full of emotions, full of moments that tell your story, the story of your love.


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Hochzeitsvideo, Zürich

Whether it's a birthday party, wedding or company event, our photo box ensures a good atmosphere, entertainment and beautiful memories.
Our features: 
Printer with up to 700 prints, download images on site, various recording modes (photo, video, gif and boomerang), extensive creative set, background system, photo album.

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Fotobox mieten Zürich

frequently asked Questions

When looking for a suitable wedding photographer, many questions arise. The following questions were asked to us frequently and could also be helpful for you.

We would be happy to answer any further questions personally.

You are welcome to call Laurence Müller 

(+41 76 504 30 61)or via email to 

contact us - we look forward to yourscontact.

We recommend that you inquire about the photographer of your choice in good time, as popular dates (especially in the summer months) are often booked many months in advance. Appointments at short notice are often possible on weekdays or between October and April. We will be happy to check whether your desired date is still available - we look forward to hearing from you. In the case of weddings abroad, an early inquiry is all the more important, as this usually involves trips lasting several days for us.

For perfect wedding photos, the chemistry between the bride and groom and the wedding photographer must be right. The wedding photographer accompanies you throughout the day and, depending on the situation, gains insight into very private moments. The wedding photographer is part of your wedding, even if he stays in the background of course. In a personal conversation you will quickly find out whether there is any sympathy and whether it fits between people. Open questions can also be asked and wishes can be communicated to the photographer.   It is important to us that we achieve the best possible result for you, and we believe that a preliminary discussion is essential for this.

The best time for wedding pictures is when the light is at its best. This is the case in the evening about an hour before sunset. However, due to time constraints, it is often not possible to do a comprehensive bridal couple shoot in the evening. That's why we often split the bridal couple shoot into two part shoots. We recommend the first session before the wedding, for example, as there is enough time for the main pictures. The second session lasts only a few minutes and takes place in the evening before sunset to capture the beautiful atmosphere and shoot perfect bridal couple photos. However, the exact timing is very individual and can of course be adapted to your wishes and the schedule of the wedding.

Are you only traveling as a wedding photographer in Zurich and the region or can you be booked for the whole of Switzerland?

We are flexible and document your wedding at your dream destination - whether Zurich, Ticino, Sardinia or Portugal. Of course, depending on the destination, there are additional costs for travel, accommodation and meals. For more information you are welcome to contact usContactRecord  .

How many wedding photos do we receive and are they edited?

You can count on 50-80 edited and optimized wedding photos per hour. Of course we will make many more recordings, but we will make a rough selection of the recordings. We edit all wedding photos and optimize color, brightness and retouch small "problems". However, it is important to us that the photos remain natural and genuine. Here, too, we can respond to individual requests.

What if the camera fails?

You don't have to worry about that. We always have a spare of our most important tools with us - rechargeable batteries, memory cards, lenses. We usually shoot with multiple cameras and lenses to be flexible and ready for any situation. A professional way of working is important to us, so it goes without saying that we are also prepared for technical incidents.

How are you going to dress for our wedding? 

Our goal is to be as inconspicuous as possible and to be perceived as part of the wedding party. We dress accordingly. No shorts, no T-shirt and no slippers - unless you walk around like that yourself. You are welcome to tell us the dress code of your wedding and we will adapt accordingly.

How do we receive our wedding photos? Is there an online gallery with the wedding photos for the guests? 

The processed wedding photos are usually handed over via a password-protected online gallery, which you can pass on to your wedding guests. So anyone can download the wedding photos they want. 

When will we receive the wedding photos or the wedding video?

After the wedding, the most complex part starts for us. We sort out the wedding photos and edit the selected photos. We strive to edit the wedding photos and/or wedding video as quickly as possible. Our aim is to hand over the wedding photos to you after four weeks at the latest. If you have chosen a photo album, it may take a little longer before it is handed over, as we are dependent on external partners.

Do we get the sorted out wedding photos too? 

Since we do not want unedited wedding photos from us to appear, only the selected and edited wedding photos in JPG format are submitted. 

Are our wedding photos featured on your website? 

We would be happy to put a small selection of your wedding photos on our website so that we can present our current work to future wedding couples. 

Fotoman - Ihr Fotograf aus Basel
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