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Employee photos and business portraits Basel

We put your employees in the right light!

Professional employee photos, business portraits and team photos of your employees help you to appear professional inside and outside your company. We specialize in showing people their best side. The employees and business portraits can be taken in your company premises, outside or in our centrally located studio in Basel. We would be happy to advise you if you have no specific ideas. Employees hired later can easily book a shooting appointment with us at a later point in time. This enables us to offer you uniform, high-quality photo quality in the long term. Employee photo shoots for new employees are billed quarterly or after each appointment.

We are looking forward to your contact.

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Mitarbeiterfotot Basel weisser Hintergrund Basel


Mitarbeiterfotot Basel grauer Hintergrund Basel


Mitarbeiterfotot Basel schwarzer Hintergrund.jpg


Mitarbeiterfotot Basel transparenter Hintergrund Basel

transparent background

Mitarbeiterfotot Basel virtueller Hintergrund Basel

virtual background

Mitarbeiterfotot Basel individueller Hintergrund Basel

custom background

Teamfoto Webseite Basel Fotoman

You can book your desired date with us online. 
Think about how you will present, dress and style yourself in advance  want. Avoid unnecessary stress, arrive on time and prepared.

We'll discuss yours  Look, 
do a short styling and discuss the photo-technical wishes. Our photographer's experience will help you. 
You can find more tips and tricks here!

The photos are taken under the professional guidance of our photographer. The photos can then be viewed directly on the camera screen or computer​ checked and selected.

The selected photos are edited and optimized by the photographer. You will receive the ready-made photos digitally within a few hours.

Employee photos

multiple photos,
easy outfit adjustment

20 min

One outift

approx. 50 shots

Three optimized photos

Shipping within 24 hours

75 CHF

Business portraits

detailed shooting with
different outfits

45 min

several  Outfits possible

approx. 100 shots

Four  optimized photos

Same day dispatch

100 CHF

In times of extreme competition, creative and unique portraits are essential. Customers are looking for trustworthy and professional contacts. The right photo can immediately give an impression of it and have a positive effect on the customer's perception of the company. We'll show you what to look for in business portraits.

In-studio or on-site photo shoot?

The question arises, of course, to what extent it makes sense to visit a photo studio for portraits. The reasons for this are the professional equipment and the experience of the photographer. In return, however, one does not show the familiar working environment. There is also the possibility of staging portraits of the employees in the company themselves. Find out what photographers need to look out for in the following guide.

Portraits in the work environment

Photographing employees in their work environment can be a major challenge for photographers. Especially reflective surfaces or glistening light are often a problem for the correct exposure. The following questions should definitely be answered before the photo shoot: How many light sources are required? Which background is suitable? What type of flash should be used? To answer these questions, let's look at some important aspects of corporate portrait photography.

Fotoman - Ihr Fotograf aus Basel
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