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Paar-Fotoshooting Basel

Couple photo shoot in Basel, outdoors or in the studio

Couple photo shoot outdoors, in the studio or at home for lovers, friends or siblings in the Basel region.

Do you want to get married soon and need photos for the invitations? You are siblings who often argue, but do you still like each other? Have you been best friends for years? Show the world how much you love each other and tell your story. No matter if romantic, in love, humorous or unusual. During our couple photo shoot, unique photos are created that will give you pleasure for a long time.
How does a shoot work?
We meet at the agreed place, whether in the studio, outdoors or at your home, and get to know each other, inspect the place and talk about your wishes and ideas. We will help you and tell you how and where you have to position yourself. Over time you get used to us and the camera and the shoot runs by itself. This creates spontaneous snapshots - which actually aren't. These usually give the best shots because they look so natural. We will deliver the post-processed photos of the couple digitally and, on request, as a printout, poster, etc. 
A photo shoot for partners, friends, siblings or parents is a popular gift - a successful surprise that creates lasting memories for a lifetime. Contact us for a couple photo shoot voucher .


Couple photo shoot
in the studio

90 min

approx. 300 shots

approx. 50  optimized photos

400 CHF

Couple photo shoot
Outdoors / at home

90 min

approx. 500 shots

approx. 60 optimized photos
+ Travel costs

400 CHF

Your perfect couple photo shoot! What you like to have, you like to capture photographically. It is not for nothing that many people in love see couple photos instead of a portrait on social media. Professional couple photo shoot instead of shaky selfies - here you can find out how you can find the right photographer and what you need to consider when it comes to outfit, location, make-up and planning.


Are you newly in love and only ever have the other on your mind? Or are you a well-rehearsed team that has been able to rely 100% on each other for a long time? Whether for lovebirds or for ten-year anniversaries - a couple photo shoot is the ideal opportunity to capture your feelings for one another in pictures and create lasting memories.

Couple photos - don't you have enough already?

Whether at parties or on vacation, photos are created so quickly and easily today that there are rather too many than too few. We fill our smartphones with thousands of photos, but pictures that really capture your feelings for one another are rare. A couple photo shoots do just that and fill your picture frames with moments that you want to look at and hang on the wall for a long time afterwards.

Not just for lovers

Even if you are not a couple in love, a couple photo shoot can be a great experience for you - for example together with your best friend, the best friend or a family member. Incidentally, here at pixolum you will also find photographers who specialize in family photography,  Individual portraits  or  Wedding photography  have specialized. Really beautiful couple photos are rare in most relationships and friendships, so take this opportunity.

The couple portrait

With a couple photo shoot with a professional photographer you can fully enjoy yourself

and concentrate entirely on you. The shoot is more of a couple portrait in which you can shine and flirt in competition. It's about capturing the mood and the chemistry between you. This succeeds with experience and a certain eye for the moment. Your experienced photographer can also give you tips and instructions on poses and general behavior in front of the camera during your couple's photo shoot. So you can present yourself from your best side and the excitement disappears quickly. Picture after picture with a lot of fun you create your own little photo love story.


A couple photo shoot is not for you?

Your partner may think they are not photogenic and do not like to be photographed. Maybe that's why you've never done a couple photo shoot together. This is usually never a problem for long and our photographers will quickly convince you of the opposite in the course of the couple shooting. Perfectly staged, your love happiness or friendship will quickly emerge in emotional and expressive pictures. A joint photo shoot with your partner is therefore also a great gift that you both have something from and that welds you together even closer.

How should it look like - inspiration for your couple photo shoot

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to implementation. In the end, only one thing is important: You are THE dream team and that is exactly what should come to light in the partner photo shoot. This can be romantic, cheeky, erotic, crazy or dreamy, as unique as your character and your relationship. Perhaps you already have a specific idea of how you would like to implement your couple's photo shoot. For example, outdoors in the great outdoors or in the studio with a certain set? If not, you can get some inspiration in advance. For example on the pixolum inspiration page  Photo ideas  on the subject of couple photo shoot. Here you can see all the suitable work by our photographers. Also at  PINTEREST  there are great ideas and it's worth taking a look.

Realize your own ideas for a couple photo shoot

If you find a topic or an image style that you like, you can send it to your chosen photographer as a template. Of course, you can also have suggestions made. As soon as you have decided on a photographer, you can exchange ideas and plan your couple's photo shoot by email or phone.

Outdoor vs. studio which is right for a couple photo shoot?

First of all, you should decide whether you want to do the couple shooting outdoors or in the studio. How about, for example, if the photographer accompanies you on a romantic walk or goes with you to one of your favorite places? You can go to the beach, a park, a forest or maybe even a playground, depending on what suits your personality. If you want an outdoor couple photo shoot and you have a specific location in mind, let the photographer know early enough. He may want to take a look around there before the shoot to bring the right equipment and ideas. In spring or autumn, particularly great pictures can be created due to the many fresh colors. But of course also with great sunsets in summer or a snowy landscape in winter. This is how your couple photos are created completely naturally and naturally.

Act and partial act parrshooting

The photo studio also offers you your very own options, such as a nude or partial nude couple shoot in which very sensual to erotic images can be created. Tip: if you want (partial) nudes: Do not wear any underwear that can leave marks for at least 12 hours before the shoot.

There are also great opportunities for dressed-up shootings. Depending on the studio, there are already suitable utensils on site and you can turn the couple's photo shoot with confetti, feathers or light effects and backgrounds into a real highlight. Very creative and unusual pictures are also possible here. Likewise, couple portraits have a very personal effect.

The right outfit for the couple's photo shoot


Which outfit is the right one you might be racking your brains over. For your couple's photo shoot, you don't have to go through an individual type consultation in advance just to find the perfect outfit. In any case, you should coordinate your clothes to get the most harmonious pair of pictures. So first decide on a common style, for example sporty, elegant or casual. That might mean for one of you two that he or she has to take a step back when choosing clothes. When in doubt, choose muted colors and calm patterns.

Simple basic rules

Of course, it also depends a lot on the type of couple's photo shoot. For example, if you are planning a very special shoot, such as a nude couple shoot, your underwear should be suitable. This can usually be achieved by concentrating on very muted colors or just black and white. In addition, there are a few simple basic rules that can make the selection easier for you and the photos for the photographer.

The most important tips:

  • Plan several outfits per person
    Don't limit yourself too much when choosing your outfits. If the shoot takes place in the studio, you can, for example, bring two or three of your favorite looks with you. So you can change during the couple's photo shoot. As is so often the case, we often experience that the models become more confident and courageous in front of the camera after a short time and that they dare to use other outfits and poses.

  • It has to be comfortable!
    A photo shows immediately whether you felt comfortable during the shoot. The eyes and facial expressions in particular let you quickly see when something is uncomfortable, uncomfortable or even stressful. It is therefore very important that you primarily wear clothing that is comfortable and that you feel comfortable in. This also applies to the shoes, ladies;). If it presses or you already meet the couple photo shoot with blisters on your feet, there are fewer opportunities for great pictures.

  • Avoid bright colors and patterns on clothing
    Basically, clothing with few patterns and motifs is suitable. If you want to emphasize your personality more with your outfit, you should still avoid bright colors. For example, if you shoot outdoors, a very colorful shirt can hardly be integrated into nature and the background. This does not create a harmonious couple photo shoot. It restricts your photographer's flexibility and, above all, it distracts attention from you when looking at the pictures.

Bring accessories

Do you have items such as jewelry, loving gifts or letters that bind you strongly? Then be sure to take them with you to the couple's photo shoot and tell the photographer your story. Other props such as B. a cozy blanket, hats or an umbrella can be used creatively. Again, there are no limits to your creativity. By including these items, you can create an even more personal atmosphere on your couple's pictures.

What's your chocolate side?


Everyone has sides that they particularly like. There are also places that he would rather hide. Therefore, practice a little before the couple's photo shoot, preferably in your own four walls in front of the mirror. Ideally, you will already be wearing your outfits for the shoot and thus get a better feeling for how to behave in front of the camera. In addition, you can tell the photographer your little uncertainties and make his work easier. Some self-discovered "weak points" are not so easily visible to the third party.

How long does a couple's photo shoot last and what should it include?

The shooting time usually takes one to two hours, depending on the location, set and effort. Most photographers do not look very closely at the clock and are very interested in getting your desired pictures. A couple's photo shoot usually produces around 40 to 100 pictures. After the shoot, the photographer takes enough time to make a selection with you and to find your favorites. These are then professionally retouched and edited.

At this point at the latest you should tell the photographer what you would like to use the images for. If you want to print the pictures for a large framed poster, for example, he needs to know. You will then receive these recordings in a very high resolution. You will usually receive a selection of other images digitally on a data carrier such as a USB stick or CD. The photos from the couple's photo shoot are also professionally retouched and edited.

Makeup and hair


A professional make-up can give you the finishing touches before your couple's photo shoot. If you want to choose it yourself, you will find various make-up artists here on pixolum. They can prepare you perfectly for your couple's photo shoot, put on make-up and do your hair. Alternatively, you can also specify in your request to the photographer that styling should be included in the price. In this case, please come to your appointment without make-up and plan about 30 minutes more time for the entire shoot.

Prepare yourself and save time

If you'd rather get ready yourself, if possible come to the couple's photo shoot already made up and style your hair at home. This saves you time and you can start taking photos straight away. You should also make sure that your hands and feet are well cared for.

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