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Tips for the application photo

Updated: Dec 16, 2021


A professional photographer is a must for the application photo. Prepare for the shoot well in advance and get advice on styling, posture and facial expression on the spot. Compare the various job application photo offers from photographers and get an impression of customer satisfaction, accessibility and price.


In the photo, wear the clothes that are required in the day-to-day work of the respective company. This will show that you fit in with the company. Think about what exactly you want to wear early on and go shopping for clothes if necessary. Ideally, book a job application photo service where you can take several outfits with you and try them out.


Don't wear jewellery that distracts too much from you. Simple stud earrings and/or a discreet necklace will suffice - less is more here!

Hair, shave and make-up

Make sure you have a well-groomed appearance. Combed hair, a fresh shave and discreet make-up are half the battle. Avoid wild hairstyles, too much hair gel, visible piercings and tattoos or unsightly make-up lines between face and neck. Therefore, consider early on whether you need a coiffure appointment and how you want to present your hair and beard.

Facial expression

In the application photo, the focus is on the face. Show the recruiter your best smile. Allow enough time for the photo shoot, because it is difficult to show a natural smile at the push of a button without it seeming artificial. We therefore recommend the Business application photo:

Coloured or black and white

This is not relevant - choose the variant you like best. Coloured photos are very common and are closer to reality. Black and white photos look a bit artistic, but in most cases are more flattering in relation to your complexion and are recommended especially for people with blemished, reddened skin.

Image editing

Good image editing is when you can't see it. Image editing should be done by a professional photographer and used very sparingly (removal of pimples, reddened skin, etc.). The picture should contain as much of your own character as possible.

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