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School photography and school photographer from Basel. We offer class photos, student portraits and application photo sessions for classes and groups

School photography Basel - class photos, student portraits and application photo sessions

Lehrer und Klasse

Class photos and pupil portraits

Do you need a school photographer? We are happy to come to your kindergarten or school and take photos of the whole class, small groups or individual students / children. The photos can either be taken with a natural background or in front of a photo canvas. Thanks to our mobile studio setup, we are very flexible in this regard.

We would be happy to create a photo book afterwards or deliver the printed photos directly to your home. We will create an offer tailored to you.



Application photo session

Do several students need application photos? We would be happy to come to your school. The photos can either be taken in front of a natural background (outside, with the building or library in the background) or in front of our mobile photo canvas. If desired, the application photos can be supplemented with a virtual background. The kilometers indicated apply from Basel.

1-10 people, 50.- per person, 100.- (travel, assembly, dismantling) + 2.- per km

10-15 people, 50.- per person, no additional costs up to a maximum of 10 km

from 15 people, 45.- per person, no additional costs up to a maximum of 20 km

One photo per person, additional photos 5.-, payment on account


School event report,  Graduate photos

Would you like film and photo recordings of your theatrical performance, do you want action shots from your sports day or the graduation party should be captured with photographs or film recordings? Do you have a lecture series for which you need a video production? Then you are right with us. We will put together a tailor-made offer for you.

The individual personalities of the children are in the foreground in my work as a photographer. That’s why my children are allowed to choose their favorite spot on the school grounds for the school photos themselves - because it means something to them!

During the shoot, we create characterful portraits and class photos. Classic recordings, but also funny and stylish things are part of it. The class schedule with a modern layout documents the class composition in the current school year.

Group pictures of the children with their school friends are also very popular. The break is best for posing here. Memories of the school days emerge, which will become increasingly important in the future.

With me you can count on uncomplicated and reliable service with teachers and parents.

I look forward to getting to know your class!

Kindergarten and school photos

Usually, kindergarten photos are taken once a year in kindergartens so that the children (and their parents and sometimes also grandparents) have a souvenir of those days in kindergarten. In advance, I agree with the kindergarten management how and where the children should be photographed: whether under studio conditions with a printed background motif inside or when playing outside. During these photo sessions, the children are photographed individually and as a group in the mornings. Whole families and siblings can be photographed in the afternoons, if the kindergarten so wishes.

I would also be happy to recruit for your kindergarten  individual offer .

Photos of kindergarten children

In kindergarten, children are a lively society that does not suppress their natural urge to move, but lives it out. In addition to playing, they also learn to sit still, a preparation for school.

When the photo session is due, the small company is busy. Some children are excited, nervous; others are more fearful, shy and withdraw. But everyone chooses the most beautiful clothes so that they look beautiful in the photo. The children are also welcome to take their favorite cuddly toy, a doll or a soccer ball with them on the photo.

A portrait and a full body picture are taken of each child. The pictures are extensively retouched so that any scratches on the face can no longer be seen in the photos later.

The pictures are exposed in a photo laboratory on professional photo paper and given to your children in various sizes as a folder to choose from. You can decide whether you want to purchase just individual images or the entire portfolio.

As a kindergarten photographer, I not only have a lot of time with me, but also a good deal of empathy. As the father of a son and from my years of experience as a kindergarten photographer, I know that only if the children trust me can I put a smile on their faces and take such beautiful photos.

Photo shoot in kindergarten

The daily routine for the photo shoot depends on the kindergarten. Kindergarten photography is a beautiful task that requires time, perseverance and patience. As a photographer, I can be present at the beginning of kindergarten or at breakfast together. In community with the children, I can more easily establish contact with them by engaging them in conversations and thus relieving them of their fear of the unknown.


Children of different age groups are represented in a kindergarten; the little ones are around three years old, the older children will leave kindergarten and go to school in the year of the photo shoot. Every child is an individual personality with a will of its own. Nothing is achieved with coercion, except the opposite. That's why I have a lot of patience and sensitivity. I make the children laugh and capture them in pictures. Most children enjoy taking photos, for kindergarten the pictures are souvenirs of the children who were once in this kindergarten and for parents and relatives, photos are always a nice memory.

This is followed by another important phase in your children's life: school. Most children look forward to school, have made their own school cones and expect parents to fill the school cones with the things the children want. And photos will again be taken of this important event.

School enrollment photos and student photos

On the day of school enrollment or a few days before or after, I will be happy to take individual school bag and satchel photos of your child. These can take place, in bad weather, in my studio or, in dry weather, outdoors at a location of your choice. I would be happy to make you a suitable offer.

The sequence of a student photo shoot is the same as in kindergarten, except that no family or sibling photos are taken in the afternoon.

Here, too, I clarify in advance with the school management when and against what background (or outdoors) the children will be photographed. Then individual and group photos are taken, which the children receive home as a folder after a few days. The parents can then decide whether they want to purchase the entire portfolio or just individual pictures from the portfolio.

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