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Videoproduktionen Basel Fotoman

Image videos and image photos Basel

We put you in the right light!

We will help you achieve a professional appearance. Our image photos and image videos are suitable for social media, websites and info screens. We specialize in showing people their best side. We would be happy to advise you if you have no specific ideas.  

We are looking forward to your contact.


Fotoman image videos

MeetMe@MOH - Lukas Fretz, Produktionstechniker Audio SRF

Young council goes youth parliament Basel. And what makes you angry?

SP Baselland - candidacy government councilor Thomas Noack

Traktor Basel wants to become champions and attract as many spectators as possible for the last game

Wedding Video Elena and Kevin

Wie finden Leser:innen das KALEIO Magazin?

MeetMe@MOH - Denisa Vitova,

Channel Managerin SRF Kultur

No to the partial revision of the Social Welfare Act -  SP Baselland

The future is in you - Yannick Zionel

The Basel Drum Academy, the Top Secret Drum Corps and the STICKSTOFF formation

Hochzeitsvideo Froschkönig Event Location in Detligen

SP Baselland -Kathrin Schweizer und Thomas Noack in den Regierungsrat

MeetMe@MOH - Roman Hošek, Musikredaktor und Produzent SRF Kultur

Sipa Immobilier - Wrestling in Domdidier

SP Baselland - candidacy government councilor Kathrin Schweizer

Image-Video New York Café Reinach

Amazonia Events - Aftermovie im Viertel Basel 03.12.2022, Instagram-Format

Convince your customers with picture and sound

Image videos are an essential component in modern digital communication. Increase your brand awareness with a convincing and expressive online video. Present your new company video on your website, on Youtube or at customer events. Moving images are an innovative information medium that brings your company and your products closer to customers in an authentic and highly emotional manner.

Why are brand identity and brand image important?

What is a twin who is not conceived as an only child? Guess ... - it's not a twin! The same applies to an image video without a brand identity. Both belong together. And like twins, they are connected, but not necessarily identical.

The identity and image of a brand give it a profile. Only then does a company or a product differ from the rest of the competition. This is the only way that a brand does not leave a customer indifferent, is loved. And sometimes hated too - which is often not as bad as it sounds. But only if the brand does not oppose the desired target group.

The profile positions a brand. This is extremely important because marketing is not just about generating attention, but also about correctly perceiving a brand. The positioning communicates values, focuses and sharpens promising characteristics. This also creates a demarcation from things with which one does not want to be associated.

The distinction between identity and image of a brand in the image video

Like that  Creative concept  for an image video arises in the mind of the author or director and after completion triggers something in the mind of the viewer - so that it always includes two parties - two groups are involved in every marketing measure: There is the owner of the brand. This sends out a signal. And there is the target group for whom the signal should trigger a specific reaction.

So easy. So difficult.

The brand identity contains the properties that the brand claims for itself. The brand image is what reaches the recipient of it.

What does brand identity mean in marketing?

The brand identity is the inside view. Here the brand (or the people who want to advance the brand) determines what the brand stands for. The identity of a brand is the inside view, a self-image or self-image, which those responsible have defined down to the last detail for a variety of reasons.

The brand identity often has an immovable center, in a sense the value of all values. Marketing experts speak of the brand essence. He is surrounded by another, larger circle of properties or values. This is then referred to as extended brand identity.

Brand core and extended identity of a brand

The basic rule is that the brand essence must not be changed. It's the genetic code of every brand. If you fiddle with it, the brand loses its raison d'etre. Conversely, the content in the extended circle of a brand's identity can, if necessary, be changed with a sense of proportion.

The brand identity defines the values, the culture and, last but not least, the behavior of the employees of a company.

What does brand image mean for an image video?

The brand image is the other side of the coin. She stands for  perception  of a brand's target audience. That is why it is inextricably linked with identity. To put it even more clearly:

An image video can only be created professionally if you have got to know the brand identity beforehand. Because yours is the means of transport with which the brand core is to be transported to its destination. In doing so, you influence the customer's purchasing decisions, for example.

Not every transport is successful. An image can be perceived differently from the outside than the sender would like it to be. It's always about  Feelings . That is why moving images are particularly suitable for conveying the image.

That is why the identity and the image are interdependent. That is why there is the extended brand identity, which can be adapted to findings from the external effect. But be careful: this option does not save a bad image video. Simply adjusting the identity means bridging the horse from the tail.

Subjective external image

The image of a brand is therefore the subjective external image of a brand from an external group. It shows how the identity is perceived in reality outside in the market. The professional differentiates between different target groups.

The brand image, like the market, is always on the move. It changes, it's dynamic. The image can be influenced, for example, with targeted communication measures, public relations (PR) or with your image video. However, this rarely happens overnight.

Changes are tedious and open heart surgery. Because an image is deliberately designed to be long-term and stable. You are dealing with a company's reputation here.

It has to be said once, even if no video production company likes to hear that: It is massively easier to damage the brand image with a video than to optimize it. So stay away from narrow-gauge filmmakers and semi-professional, self-proclaimed videotapes.

Challenges for image videos in practice

The term image video is often used as a collective term. From the  Motivational video  From the product film to the training film, everything is somehow relevant to the image, so the reasoning. Anyone who understands what image means, and if you have read this far, you now belong to this group of people, cannot agree with this statement.

An image video only has one task at first. This is demanding enough. Using video as an instrument, it translates the brand identity into an external effect. This can only work if you get detailed information about a brand's identity and image. You have a right to that. You have to insist on that.

means for the purpose

Therefore refrain from explaining to your client what video can do. Already enough inexperienced people do that  Video productions . Ever since Chad Hurley set off the YouTube rocket in 2005, even your little sister has known about the power of moving images. Without this knowledge, your customer wouldn't speak to you.

It is more important to understand what is required of you. This is much more than just producing an image video:

The video is a means to an end. The end that justifies the means is making values and properties tangible.

Ask questions. Request for studies. Learn what makes a brand. Understand why an image video should be produced. Only when you can discuss marketing on an equal footing will a video later emerge that is not a product of chance. Because coincidence, especially when it comes to brand identity and brand image, is not a promising business model.

Convince yourself with a professional, emotional, market and contemporary image film. We will help you and bring YOUR spirit to YOUR customers!

Fotoman - Ihr Fotograf aus Basel
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