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Procedure of a Fotoman photo shoot

1. we arrange an appointment for the photo shoot. You can reserve your desired date by mail, phone or via the online booking tool. We agree individual conditions in advance, for general services the prices mentioned on the website apply.

Think in advance about how you want to present, dress and style yourself. Make an appointment with your hairdresser and get your hair and beard cut.

Avoid unnecessary stress, come prepared and on time. Bring different outfits with you so that we can test and experiment. 3.

3. before the shoot we will discuss your look, do a short styling and discuss the photo-technical wishes. Our experience will help you.

4. the photos are taken under the professional guidance of our photographer. The photos can be checked and selected directly on the computer.

5. the service is paid for after the shoot. Payment is made in cash, by Twint or by credit and debit card. Post-Finance cards are unfortunately not accepted.

6. the selected photos will be edited and optimised by the photographer. The ready-to-use photos will be sent to you digitally within a few hours. Biometric passport photos are processed directly on site, adapted for the required national format and printed out on site.

Fotoman - Ihr Fotograf aus Basel
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