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Promotional video SP-Baselland

A few days ago, we were privileged to shoot a video for the SP-Baselland in view of the votes on May 15, 2022. It is about the fact that through the partial revision of the social assistance law, social assistance in the canton of Baselland is to be cut by a flat 4% after only two payment years. According to the SP-Baselland, this reduction would have serious consequences for those affected. The basic needs, which are too low anyway, are already barely enough to survive today. In addition, those affected by poverty are to be disciplined by means of "motivational incentives" and sanctions. This proposal is part of the SVP's campaign, with which it has been trying since the 2000s to weaken social welfare, stigmatize welfare recipients and generally dismantle the welfare state. The SP Baselland and the "Grüne Baselland" oppose this dismantling of social assistance and therefore demand: No to the partial revision of the social assistance law!

We thank the SP Baselland for the trust and the good cooperation and are already looking forward to further great projects.


Fotoman - Ihr Fotograf aus Basel
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